A complete guide to rank your website locally in 2017

The ever so popular “think big” can be great advice for a small business when it comes to marketing, selling, and expanding. However, do not forget the ever so popular “slow and steady wins the race.” If you’re not into cheesy one liners, consider the ways in which you can keep your business growing without doing too much too quickly. As a small company, it can often be difficult to compete with large, nation-wide brands. It is common for people to fall back on a brand name that they have known for many years, and in time your company could grow to that level. One of the best places to start is by focusing on local marketing, SEO and link building for your business.

local search engine optimization tips

local search engine optiization tips

While local marketing is a great way to start small, it also yields big results. According to Google, “73% of online activity is related to local content.” As intimidating as that big brand can be, people do go online to find a good local company to help, and you can benefit. Consider a few of these tips to help your company market locally:

Tips to Optimizing Your Local Search Efforts

Let Google know that you are interested in local search.
Did you ever notice that when you search Google, results from around your area often pop up? Well, this is no accident. Google favors businesses who are local because location is often so important to the searchers. To begin working with Google, there are four simple steps. Local SEO & Link Building Tips part 2

1. Go to the Google homepage and click on “advertising programs”

2. You will be taken to a new screen. Click on “AdWords”

3. You will be prompted to create a Google account for your business

4. Go to “How it works” and then click on the link “for local businesses”

Utilize your city or town websites for extra local exposure.If you looking for LOCAL SEO Services in London then SEO MISTRY offers quality services at most competitive prices.
Any good business has a website, and your city or town (or even specific neighborhood or subdivision) is likely no different. In many cases, your town will be happy to encourage local spending and community services, so you should call the editor of the website and ask if you can place a few ads or press releases onto the website or in the latest newsletter.

Get involved in local activities—consider being a sponsor
In many cases, there will be local fairs or events that will need sponsors from different businesses. For example, if you can sponsor the local football team get to the State Championship, you are sure to get exposure.

Do not stop at Google when it comes to search engines.
There are several search engines designed specifically for those looking for local companies that are becoming increasingly popular. A few local search engines you might consider include CitySearch, local.com, and AskCity.com. While these smaller local search engines will give your company a better chance of showing up first, do not count out the larger search engines local services such as Yahoo! Local, AOL local, and Windows Live Local. These search engines are popular, so the sooner you start reaching out the better.

Don’t forget about traditional marketing!
Although the Internet is the primary platform for which community members find information, there are plenty of other local platforms your company can explore. Consider speaking with local radio stations and newspapers about getting your company some local publicity.Do not underestimate traditional marketing methods. No matter how good is your SEO Strategy or how good is your digital marketing agency you need to look into traditional marketing methods to get some quick cash flow and clients, while your SEO experts and digital marketing experts work on your business SEO and marketing strategy.

As someone who has worked in a small business setting, I can say that thinking locally can help put the future of the company into perspective. Local search optimization is a great way to start getting your brand name out there to people who are truthfully interested. People often have a lot of pride in their community, so any new company is sure to be supported as it catches up to the larger brands, slow and steady.

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