A complete list of 30+ Google Ranking factors 2017

List of the more than 250+ ranking factors which Google uses in their search engine ranking process. Discovered as process of my experience and extensive research. Well, things

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1 Page TitleTe : Website page title. Yes one of the most crucial ranking factor.

2 Page URL: Keywords in page URL. Another very crucial ranking factor.

3 Domain Age: Yes, Age of domain is a powerful ranking factor.

4 Keyword in Domain : Niche your trying to rank and keywords present in domain.

5 Domain Registration length: How long the domain have been registered.

6 Overall Domain History: Has the domain been every related to spam or part of PBN network.


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7 TLD Extension: If yo trying to rank internationally then .com should be your choice when compared to .org or .info. country specific tld’s like co.uk and given preference over .com if you want to rank nationally.

8 Title tag : Title tag starting with keyword.

9 Keyword position: Clever position of keywords in H1 tags and in first 100 words of description.

10 Content length : Well written content more than 500+ words rank better. Based on various researches it has been identified that content with 2000K words is given priority and usually ranks within top 10.

11 website Speed: Overall speed of website.

12 Duplicate content : Amount of duplicate content on website.

13 LSI Keywords : Usage of LSI keywords in description, titles and H1 and H2 tags.

14 Content updates : How frequently the content is changed and kept updated.

15 Outbound Links: quantity of links to websites.

16 Links Quality: Quality of Links to website.

17 Supplementary content: Presence of supplementary content to support the main content.

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18 Images & Videos: Presence of images and Videos and other multimedia on website to support the content.

19 Type of Links: Editorial links , comment links, profile links etc . Editorial links are considered the most powerful.

20 HTML Error on page : Any major HTML errors which may cause issues with page loading or create problems for users to do the task may affect your rankings.

21 Length of page url : Very long page url’s especially the ones which makes no sense or are auto generated may cause issues with you seo efforts.

22 A Page closed to home page might receive a slight boost.

23 Content Presentation : An ideally presented content with good H1, H2 Tags, proper formatting by means of numbers, bullets etc should rank better.

24 Outbound links : Too many outbound links from the page especially unrelated links might hurt your seo efforts.

25 Sitemap : Presence of a Sitemap and prominence of links in sitemap might play a role in SEO.

26 Page Age: An Older page with quality links and which is frequently updated might rank better than new pages.

27 UI /UX : A Page with better UI/UX should rank better than the one which is does not.

28 Contact us Page: Presence of contact us pages with clear address and contact details.

29 Privacy policy : Clearly stated pages with privacy policy and Terms of Service.

30 Domain Authority and Trust Flow : Overall domain authority and Trust flow of website.

31 site architecture: A website with better architecture and navigation out performs the one with bad architecture.

32 Site Availability & DownTime: Frequently website going offline might affect your seo efforts.

33 Server location : Presence of server with in the geo your trying to rank. A Server hosted in USA and trying to rank in UK will not do very well.

34 Keyword Density : Keyword density of targetted keywords and LSI used. As recommended by most the magic formulae is to keep your keyword ratio anywhere between 1.5% to 2%

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