9 Do’s and Don’ts to Increase Your Amazon Star Rating 2017

The rise of e-commerce has not only transformed the way customers buy products, but how they choose them as well. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you probably realize that reviews and ratings left by previous buyers can greatly influence a future shopper’s impression of a product or seller. Marketing Experiments confirmed this by testing products with no ratings vs. those with 5-star ratings, and found that a 5-star rating had a “significant impact” on conversion rates—propagating the idea that customer service should be viewed as a marketing expense rather than a basic cost of doing business (see the results here). While ratings are ultimately decided by how satisfied your customers are with your product and service, here are a few things you should (and shouldn’t) do to boost your chances of getting a higher rating.It is also better idea to optimize your Amazon store by following some local SEO tips in order to make your Amazon store more visible organically and to drive more traffic, more sales and to get more reviews.

Do send an email request to customers
One problem with the reviews system is that, too often, ratings only represent extremes. That is, most buyers only feel compelled to leave a review if they are extraordinarily satisfied or in any way dissatisfied. To get more of a sampling from your silently satisfied customers, try sending a personal email from your company letting your customer know that you value their input and wish to continually improve their buying experience from you, leading in to your request for a rating.

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Don’t rely on Amazon’s standard email
Yes, Amazon sends a standard reminder within 30 days asking for a review, but many customers don’t realize that there’s an actual business behind the purchase that wants to provide customer service and depends on ratings. If you don’t have the resources (or time) to keep tabs on each transaction, you can use a service like FeedbackFive, which allows you automatically send customized feedback requests, including links to leave product reviews.

Do make leaving reviews a no-brainer
It’s unlikely you will get casual reviews if the process is time-consuming or hard to figure out. The key is to make it easy and fast by including a link and instructions for how to leave a review. It’s usually best to time the email shortly after the buyer receives your product, when the experience is fresh in his or her mind.

Don’t rely on email alone
Did you know that Amazon allows you to solicit feedback on the packing slip and order invoice? While email requests are indispensable for their ability to instantly link users to your review page, it couldn’t hurt to use any avenue available to request feedback.You can also configure some email alerts or look into 3rd party email management software’s like MailChimp to send bulk review emails.

Do show appreciation for reviews, both positive and negative
Once you have a negative review, the best action you can take is to respond to it quickly (time is critical) and publicly, so other shoppers see that you are proactive and care about your customers. Instead of being defensive, be appreciative for their honest feedback and ask questions to identify and clarify what went wrong. On the flipside, you should also respond warmly to positive feedback, thanking those who took the time to show you kindness.

Don’t coerce buyers into giving positive feedback
It’s just plain shady, not to mention it’s against the spirit of online reviews. Honest responses from your customers about your business and products are valuable tools to measure your success and learn where you need to improve. Find out what your customers are asking for and respond to it.Ask us for free Quality SEO  advise & Consultation in London.

Do be descriptive (and honest) about your products
The root of most negative feedback is often a failure to meet a buyer’s expectations. Let them know what to expect by making sure your products are listed in the right category, with an accurate and honest description of what the buyer will receive and what condition it is in. The Amazon Selling Coach in the upper right corner of your seller account home page lets you know if you are missing key information and gives suggestions for areas that need attention.

Don’t slack on checking your email
A key component to a positive online shopping experience is fast product arrival. At bare minimum, you should be checking your email once per day for orders. If you receive multiple orders per day, you should check at least once in the morning and once in the early afternoon so you can get orders processed and sent out promptly. Also, prepare to check more often around holidays, when both sales volume and customer anxiety are on the rise.

Do address the unavoidable
Sometimes, for reasons beyond your control, buyers will not have their expectations met and subsequently leave negative feedback. The best way to tackle this is head-on, addressing the customer and providing them with whatever service is necessary to fix the problem (even if it is a quick and painless return process). After the problem has been addressed, send a follow-up email kindly asking the buyer to remove their negative comment and providing a link and dscription.



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