8 Things in SEO Which Do Not Effect Google Rankings Anymore 2017

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a constant changing game and often driven by myths and personal recommendations. As confirmed by various Organic SEO Experts, Shared hosting, redirects, Keyword Density, H1, H2 tags etc no longer effect rankings anymore.

Keyword Density: This was gone long back, Google and other Search engines no longer, take keyword density into consideration to rank pages. So, yes dumping keywords into pages will not help the spammers anymore.

Shared Hosting: Being on a Dedicated host or being on shared hosting do not directly affect rankings. However, if speed is the issue with shared hosts then this can be an issue.

H1 & H2 Headlines: Order of H1 & H2 headlines or the size of these do not matter anymore. So based on the design of your web pages, you can select have them as you like without thinking more about the order or SEO.

Age of Website: The age of website no longer matters, yes to a certain extent. Usually, it takes time to get all rankings, So the website is entirely new this is not possible. But yes, when your website is like 2 yrs old this can compete with a website like 10 yrs old without any issue as long as you have quality and unique content.

Google Apps & Services: Using Google/Bing services or apps do not directly affect rankings. So, you can continue to use what is right for your business without having to worry about these.

Social Media shares & Tweets: Facebook shares, Twitter tweets etc do not directly affect rankings anymore. However, the CTR and visitors and their interaction with your websites can definitely have an impact on rankings.

HTTPS: Well, it has been officially confirmed by Google that having HTTPS can have a slight improvement in rankings. But, that is not always true and it depends, how you carry out the migration process.

Technological Stack: The Technical stack of your website, server does not affect your ranking by any means. However, if there are any security gaps or technical issues with page loading or redirects this can have an effect on the rankings.

So from here on don’t get carried away by myth, produce quality content and share it with your readers and work on user experience without worrying very much about the BOTS all should be good and you will have great results which should last long and deliver you Great Results in long run. Need help with any of these or looking for a SEO Expert in Birmingham or London, then reach us out for a free SEO consultation.

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